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Welcome to Cargo Insurance Pro, we specialize in Cargo Insurance, Shipping Containers, Long Haul and Commercial Trucking, Freight Forwarding, HAZMAT Products Hauling, Gasoline and Oil Hauling, Repossession, Wrongful Repossession, Auto Hauler, Auto Transport, Auto Recovery, Tow Truck, Home Movers, On-Hook, Worker's Compensation, and Warehouse Insurance.

We provide Legal Liability Insurance Coverage for Truckers (common or contract carriers), while they are Transporting Property (cargo). Cargo Insurance Protection is required under the Motor Carrier Act of 1935. The Insurance Policy will cover the Long Haul Truck Carrier, if it is legally liable for the destruction, damage, or loss of the property being shipped or transported. This includes Stolen, Broken, and Lost Articles or Property.


Two Types of Insurance Policies are available:


(1) Those that list the specific trucks to be covered in which the property may be damaged or destroyed.

(2) Those that cover all of the insured's trucks, with no specifically listed trucks. This coverage is on the Gross Receipts Form, which covers all operations of a motor carrier.

Whether you wish to arrange a shipping transaction from one location to another or set up a new transportation company, we can help you obtain the insurance that is right for you. Our main goal is geared towards protecting our customers’ interests, as well as working hand in hand to personalize our packages to fit every individual’s need. Based in North Hills California, our Experts will evaluate the Market and make recommendations for the Best Coverage to insure your cargo at the Lowest possible Costs! Our Line of Protection and Commercial Coverage includes but not limited to Auto Haulers, Warehouses, Repossessions, Towing, Hazmat Haulers, Intermodal Trucking, even Surety Bonds and Worker’s Compensation.

For additional information, Special Insurance Discounts and Rates, please call one of our friendly Professionals at (818) 355-2808 to see what we can save you today! Don't be caught underinsured by other insurance providers offering lower than normal premiums, because you may not get the Insurance Coverage you'll need should something happen. Find out why we are the Best, and let us help you determine the correct Type and Amount of Insurance Coverage you'll need for your next haul, so you'll have Peace of Mind knowing You and your Cargo will be Fully Insured at the Best Price!

Happy Holidays, and Safe Trucking from the Cargo Insurance Pro Staff.

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