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We specializing in underwriting all types of transportation products for truckers, truck brokers, logistics companies, and freight forwarders throughout the country.


Transportation Segments Transportation Segments Transportation Segments Transportation Segments

Cargo Insurance

Intermodal Insurance (UIIA)

Long-haul insurance (Dry/Reefer)

Commercial auto insurance

Freight Broker Insurance

Contingent Cargo Insurance

Freight Broker Contingent Auto Liability

Freight Broker Contingent Cargo Liability

Excess Cargo Liability

General Liability

Non-Truck Liability

Physical Damage

Tow Truck Insurance

Freight Forwarder Insurance

HAZMAT Insurance (Gasoline hauling insurance and Oil hauling insurance)

Auto Repossession Insurance

Repo Insurance

Wrongful Repo Insurance

Auto Hauler Insurance

Warehouse Insurance

3PL Insurance

Heavy Haul Insurance

Crane and Rigging Equipment Insurance

Concrete Pumping Equipment Insurance

Heavy Equipment Dealer Insurance

Bobtail Insurance

Physical Damage Insurance

On-Hook Insurance

Drive Away Insurance


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