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Third Party Logistics (“3PL”) Insurance


Third Party Logistics Insurance designed for those companies that arrange shipping and receiving, as well as manage and provide warehouse storage and arrange all the necessary transportation-related services for shippers, freight carriers and other related entities. 3PLs include brokers, freight forwarders, rail transporters, consolidators, shippers and air cargo agents.

The logistics industry is changing rapidly due to the combination of a de-regulated transportation environment, together with 3PLs embracing the internet, e-commerce and other electronic means to provide their logistics services.  These changes significantly impact the liability risks 3PLs face as these risks are often difficult to predict and equally difficult to "contract away".

3PL's also recognize that their customers are changing.  Customers are more sophisticated and demonstrate an unwillingness to share liability risks with 3PLs, thereby leaving 3PLs with exposures that require proper evaluation and insurance coverage.


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