NVOCC and CHB Insurance

NVOCC Freight Forwarder Insurance









NVOCC Freight Forwarder Insurance
Freight Forwarder (NVOCC) Insurance and Custom House Broker (CHB) Insurance

The NVOCC insurance and CHB insurance program is designed for freight forwarder (NVOCC) and custom house brokers (CHB) whom involved in handling international and domestic shipments ocean, air, and over the road. The insurance program is also designed to protect the office building, warehouse, and business property.

Insurance includes International and Domestic Transit by

Air Shipments Ocean Shipments Courier Shipments Truck Shipments ·        

Options of Purchasing Cargo Insurance

Annual Open Cargo Policy Single Shipment Trip Transit
Insurable Cargo LCL & FCL

Automobiles cargo insurance High Value Cargo insurance Break Bulk Cargo insurance Large Project Cargo insurance General Cargo  insurance Perishable Cargo insurance Hazardous Goods insurance Personal Effects insurance


Bonded Warehouse Custom House Broker and Bonded Warehouse Bonds (Type 2) These bonds are also available and with the completion of the application, underwriters will issue approval and rating.

OTI Bonds (Freight and NVOCC)

OTI (FMC Required NVOCC and Freight Forwarder Bonds) OTI bonds as required by the Federal Maritime Commission for any entity operating as a Freight Forwarder or NVOCC.  A completed application and current financial statement is all that is required.
ICB (International Carrier Bond)

International Carrier Bond (Type 3) This bond is required if your company files with the Automated Manifest System as required by the Homeland Security Department.

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